Want to contribute to PitchKnives & ButterForks? Contact us at

There are many ways to get involved…

  • To participate in Grub Match or Lunch at the End of the Line, send us a short description of the restaurant you have in mind. Creativity counts!
  • We do accept submissions for features and photo galleries, but please send a brief query and wait to hear from us before sending the full post.
  • Have a topic that you’d love to see covered in one of our features or other series? Send us your ideas.

We look forward to hearing from you. Bon app├ętit!
-The Editors

One thought on “Submissions

  1. Love the articles! I’m buying a house and will finally have a yard to start a garden. I’d love to get your opinion on the best times of the year to plant certain foods and some that would be easier for a first time gardener.


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